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Taking place in the 1930s A Punctual Paymaster is a unique tale of the wealthy and the poor. You are exposed to generous use of the “N” word. I was not offended. It was not malicious on the part of the author because that is how it went down in that time. It is still being said behind closed doors and even in the rap business. Besides that I need to talk about the story. I liked the main character Thaddeus who is smart and a business man  especially in that era. I also liked that he was not a religious man. Usually when I read  novels set in the South there is a lot of the mention of church and the Bible verses. This book was different because it didn’t focus on God and the church. Two things that left an impression on me; the first was that Thaddeus’s mother instilled a love of reading to keep his mind sharp. I can relate to that. I am inspired to do the same with my son. The second is going back to the mention of the “N” word . He said it set us back because it is a reminder of the slave days when the Master called the blacks that to humiliate them. I liked that he stood up to those unruly boys. It is a book in which black people have a voice and are not victims. They also do not harbor hate towards the whites. Dan Groat managed these racial issues well .
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“Memory…is the diary we all carry about with us~Oscar Wilde”

Here’s a Taste: A short story sample

Hey all,

This is a short story I am working on. It is almost finished.


"The time has come for you to get what you deserve," he says as he finally faces her. His long search is over after she managed to elude him in Paris . "You almost killed me. I can see that you are furious,” she sighs." "You got that right,” he hisses. He had no weapon but he knew ways he could kill her. "I am so sorry. You can’t do this to your mother,” she exclaims.” “Most mothers do not treat their sons this way he said.” “It was an accident. I was drunk,”she said. “Sorry Tammy your time is up. Some people have to die. It’s the way of the world.” The man hears a voice that enters behind him. “This is my husband,” she said. “Is there a problem?” her spouse asks. “No, honey just a misunderstanding,” she replies. His attention focused on the mail on the table. “Does he know you were a whore?” he asks. “He knows I was in a bad place. He doesn’t judge my past. We made a nice life here together.” “Well, that life will be cut short.” he blurts. She looks around. Fear in her eyes. She calls out to her husband, “Honey can you pour me a drink?” “Sure,” he calls out from the next room. She is stalling. He knows it.

He awoke with a start. The left side of the bed was empty. His female company was still freshening up in the bathroom in his plush suite. He noticed both her overnight luggage overturned. He hears a sniffle. He turns to find Sadie wielding a butcher knife. She swipes at his back and misses. Now it is his turn to become the hunted. The words of the murdered rock star. You’re not so tough. Your bad deeds will catch up to you. This is his ending . The crazed look in her eyes gives her superhuman strength. Stop. She slashes him over and over as he watches his blood spatter on the fancy hotel curtains. All goes black. This is the day I die.

Hotel room. The rock star unbuttons his shirt while fetching a drink at the bar. A shadowy figure emerges.” Are you afraid of the dark? I believe I sent you a message.” He had a disagreement with his former rap collaborator. “Hey man,”the he says in his haze. That motherfucker will die before me. He

sent his entourage to another suite because he was expecting company. What a mistake that was.

Maybe this is a figment of my imagination, he prays. As he eyes his intruder he reaches behind his tucked in shirt for his .45piece. Music is a dangerous business. “Not today!” he screams as he clumsily fires a shot. He misses and his intruder smirks. “Would you like to hear a story before you die?”

She was a feast for the eyes. Her long ebony waves flowed down her back. Her slim figure evoked glances of admiration or envy. She was just as lovely inside.
Her personality shone through in her meetings with other people. She also had a sense of style. She loved children and in her dealings with them she patiently listened to their chatter. She let them brush her hair. She was never irritated by their demands on her time. She was full of laughter whether at a joke or a game she was losing. She also was a contradiction. Although people were drawn to her, there were moments she craved isolation. Like a drifter she changed her environment almost as much as she changed her clothes. She lost her mother at the age of 11. Her father did not mourn her loss. He moved on like a rolling stone. He preferred the younger girls who had no identity. This is how Jasmine presents herself in romantic relationships. She immerses herself in her beloved interests never questioning if she has a place in her soul, that is truly hers. Some suitors persisted so much she had to switch to another job. Now an independent woman, she was not looking for anything special. She had her demons, but to look at her you would think differently. Many thought she had no problems and that she took the world by storm . In her solitude Jasmine knew how to deal with tragedy.
She was mysterious in the eyes of the opposite sex. She could remain in her bubble for days . She would sing her blues away. She could have been a famous singer but she was not confident in her abilities. Her true talent . She learned the lessons of love from her parents’ relationship. Trust and fidelity. Emptiness is her constant companion. Some days her asthma was hard to control. She feels like an outcast. She never showed her fears and insecurities. The mirror by which she judged herself reflected a little girl wounded by life. Plagued by her demons caused an asthma attack. The abdominal

pain was insufferable. She had to be hospitalized. She listed her boss as the next of kin on her admission form. This spoke volumes about her connection with her friends and family. The voices in her head told her she should unlovable. Unworthy. Bitch.

Posted across the street from the elegant hotel he is well prepared on the day of the massacre. He knew the rapper’s favorite strip joint. Damien thought of dropping in to view the entertainment but he has seen it all. He waits in the shadows for the usual time of arrival. He is a creature of habit. As a sleek Cadillac pulled into the parking lot, Damien becomes nauseated. He always got anxious before a kill. This one would be a bloodbath because he came with an entourage. As they entered the lobby, he knew he had must revise his plan. The lights were bright and the way they staggered he could tell they were intoxicated. That would make things less difficult. Damien is making his most ambitious effort yet.

“We think we understand the rules when we become adults but what we really experience is a narrowing of the imagination.” David Lynch (via thatlitsite)
“Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning~ Maya Angelou”

What Everyone Should Know About Things In Ditches

Before I finish my promised review on Wolf of Wall Street, allow me to digress and share another book.

I must say decent storytelling in Things in Ditches . It begins with a murder. It is not a mystery surrounding the death. It is more a mystery of why instead of who . The murderer is identified and is part of the narration in the novel. They were former lovers. Here are the major players; Dutch the murder suspect, Jean his wife, and Vicky the homewrecker. As their romance takes its course I am forced to reflect on why the spouse being cheated o n chooses to forgive. Not only in marriages does cheating happen but in monogamous relationships. Could you imagine your spouse or significant other telling you there is else someone else there were intimate with. Not only that, Jean the wife takes responsibility for the infidelity. It is obvious she loves her husband. She explains that she wasn’t fulfilling his needs. I don’t know if she meant emotional because from my understanding they were still sexually active. Anyway about the murder. It had me really curious about how it went down. Vicky has a pattern of jumping into affairs and marrying the wrong men. The last of whom is a rapist. It makes me question her emotional stability. Her first husband Carroll did not seem like a bad guy (I won’t spoil how wrong I was about that statement). How did she end up with a rapist? What did she say to cause Dutch murder her? Yes their tryst was over. In her lifetime she was involved with other married men. All the while her timid husband Carroll does not asserts himself. Yes he is spineless. My perception of the world is that everybody needs someone even someone who treats them carelessly. The other characters hold their place in the story . Len lawyer and best friend of Dutch. He takes an active role in defending Dutch. Charlie, the sheriff who can’t seem to catch a break. Walleye the feeble minded loner who discovers the corpse. I felt sorry for him. And the long suffering Jean. As the story winds down I was pleasantly surprised. It was unique in the plot twist at the end was something I never read. So read about the Things in Ditches. You won’t be disappointed. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Well done Mr. Olsen. A five star stellar tale.

“There’s no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story~Frank Herbert” (via abookie13)
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